S3x Theory with Demi

S3x Theory with Demi is a queer sex education based IG page dedicated to informing, debating and educating on all things gender, sexuality and sex run by, surprise surprise, me, Demi (They/She) a qualified RSHE educator and big queer!


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Following the new compulsory RSHE curriculum UK, you can access workshops on all sex educational topics, from puberty and biology, to relationships and consent, to STI’s and theory. I am also happy to provide personalized workshops for specific topics. For more, click the link below!

S3x Theory with Demi & Friends

The Podcast

S3x Theory with Demi & Friends is a podcast dedicated to discussions around gender, sexuality, sex education and representation. Join Demi and special guests as they discuss all things from gender identity, language, sexuality and more! In a series of frank, honest and personal conversation, alongside historical and social context, Demi and guests get to the root of our identity. Expect to witness personal journeys of growth and to learn about the world of gender and sexuality from those within different communities.


S3x Theory with Demi via Instagram is where you can access daily content on gender, sexuality and identity.