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Nonbinary, queer, transgender male with Vic Jouvert

Welcome to the first S3XtheorywithDemi & Friends episode! In this episode, Demi is joined by Vic Jouvert (he/they) to discuss living as a nonbinary transgender man and Vic’s journey to this point. Vic and Demi start at the very beginning of Vic’s gender and sexuality journey, touching on fun and insightful stories in exotic places such as Poland! Vic and Demi share their thoughts on nonbinary expression, the pressure of looking binary or androgynous and end with some advice from Vic for those who are on their own rainbow carpet journey!

Vic Jouvert is a New York born London based writer and generally creative queer. Vic writes and speaks on their experiences as nonbinary transgender man and on other LGBT+ topics, writing for numerous outlets including Cosmopolitan UK, Hotshoe Magazine, TransLiving, and have been interviewed by Forbes, Dazed and Pink News. He dreams of becoming a counsellor to LGBT+ young persons and is currently pursuing a MSc in Psychology in aim of making this dream a reality. 

Show Notes

What you will find in this episode:

  • Let’s start at the beginning- the two coming outs
  • Vic’s current gender identity
  • Vic and Demi discuss what nonbinary means to them
  • The Poland story
  • The pressure to appear binary as a transgender male
  • The pressure to present as androgynous when nonbinary
  • Vic’s Cosmopolitan article on periods as a transgender male
  • Why we should normalise gender and sexuality identities that aren’t heteronormative- the need to not come out one day
  • Demi explaining their sexuality and identity- ‘anything with a pulse’
  • Advice to those on their own gender journey
  • Vic explaining how its okay to reflect on your past
  • Vic sharing his thoughts on changing his handle

Vic’s Advice

  • It’s okay to not label things, to rather use your experiences as stepping stones to figuring out your identity.
  • You don’t have to pick one (gender identity/sexuality) and stick with it.
  • Don’t make yourself accessible to anyone, its okay to be complicated.
  • Don’t simplify your gender to make it easier for others to understand.
  • Vic volunteers as a mentor for a queer youth club called Mosaic that is a lovely supportive place for any queer young people from the age of 11 to 19 based in London. Their advice is to younger queers to go and join Mosaic because it is such a wonderful community.
  • Don’t rush things- take your time, figure things out, explore things and make mistakes! Try things on for size!
  • Don’t stress it! Don’t put so much pressure on yourself.

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