Lil Roach


Stonewall Riots, whitewashing, LGBTQ+ history month with Lil Roach

Welcome to the third S3XtheorywithDemi & Friends episode! In this episode, Demi is joined by Rachel, also known as, Lil roach (she/her) to discuss her recent essay exploring the history of the Stonewall Riots, the whitewashing that occurred and the importance of LGBTQ+ History Month. Lil Roach and Demi discuss the importance of including LGBTQ+ history in our curriculum, the issues of whitewashing and conflicts within the community itself, ending with suggestions of materials including films and academic papers on the topics mentioned above by Lil Roach.

Lil Roach is a podcaster and writer studying a Gender, Sexuality and Culture MA at Birkbeck, University of London. She graduated from University of Warwick with a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing in 2020, where she previously hosted her radio show PEEK SHOW on RAW 1251AM. She ended Peek Show in 2020, and now co-hosts a socialist podcast called Antics Roadshow with her friend Michael, which is available to listen to on Spotify. She is based in Essex, England.

Show Notes

What you will find in this episode:

  • What were the Stonewall riots?
  • Who was involved in the riots
  • Whitewashing of the riots
  • Compton cafeteria 1966 and why it is important
  • The conflict within the LGBTQ+ community – erasure of transgender, enby and bisexual folx
  • Why is LGBTQ+ history month key?
  • Should we only dedicate one month to LGBTQ+ history?
  • Lil Roach discussing her MA at Birkbeck
  • Curriculum raising anti-captialist youth
  • Lil Roach’s suggested reading material/films

Lil Roach’s suggested material

Armstrong, E.A. and Crage, S.M. (2006) Movements and Memory: The Making of the Stonewall Myth. American Sociological Review, [online] 71(5), 724-751. Available at: ProQuest [Accessed 2 Jan. 2021]

Duberman, M. and Kopkind, A. (1993) The Night They Raided Stonewall. Grand Street, [online] 44. Available at: [Accessed 2 Jan 2021]

Hillman, B.L. (2011) “The most profoundly revolutionary act a homosexual can engage in”: Drag and the Politics of Gender Presentation in the San Francisco Gay Liberation Movement, 1964-72. Journal of the History of Sexuality, [online] 20(1), 153-181. Available at:[Accessed 2 Jan. 2021]

Stein, M. (2012) Gay Liberation, Lesbian Feminism and Gay and Lesbian Liberalism, 1969-73. Rethinking the Gay and Lesbian Movement, [online], 79-114. Available at:[Accessed 2 Jan. 2021]

Robinson, L. (2006) Three Revolutionary Years: The Impact of the Counter Culture on the Development of the Gay Liberation Movement in Britain. Cultural and Social History, [online] 3(4), 445-471. Available at: [Accessed 2 Jan. 2021]

Kiesling, E. (2017) The Missing Colours of the Rainbow: Black Queer Resistance. European Journal of American Studies, [online] 11(3), 1-22. Available at: [Accessed 2 Jan.2021]

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