Jazz Paquet


Gender language, the debate of ‘x’ and the first use of ‘they’ with Jazz Paquet

Welcome to the fourth S3XtheorywithDemi & Friends episode! In this episode, Demi is joined by Jazz (they/iel/mx) to discuss gender language, exploring Jazz’s experience with pronouns and French, the debate around the usage of ‘x’ in words such as womxn, Latinx and folx and the first use of ‘they’. Jazz and Demi discuss the continuous changing of language, the importance of respecting first and understanding later and ends with advice from both Demi and Jazz on how to be more gender inclusive with your language.

Born and raised on the unceded island of Tiohtiá:ke (known as Montréal, Canada), Jazzis a bilingual (EN/FR)  linguistics enthusiast with a background in education and language acquisition. They are non-binary and focus heavily on the use and evolution of gender-neutral language with an emphasis on intersectional linguistics. Through personal experience, they use a variety of creative outlets to help raise awareness on this topic.

Show Notes

What you will find in this episode:

  • Personal experiences of gendered language
  • Jazz’s experience of gendered language in the French language
  • The first time ‘they’ was used and the importance of understanding this
  • English being a ‘natural’ language rather than ‘neutral’
  • Why we should respect and understand later – ask or search for our own answers
  • The debate around terms with the use of ‘x’
  • The conversation of bisexual vs pansexual – erasure – evolving language
  • Transsexual vs transgender
  • Jazz’s advice to adopting gender neutral language

Jazz’s socials

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