Esme Jay-Pixie


Asexuality, autism and LGBTQ+ Representation with Pixie

Trigger warning – mentions of toxic relationships and trauma

Welcome to the sixth S3XtheorywithDemi & Friends episode! In this episode, Demi is joined by Esme (they/them), known as Pixie online to discuss asexuality and aromantic sexual identities, sexuality as a neurodivergent individual with autism and the journey Pixie took to find figure out their identity. Pixie and Demi discuss the misconceptions of asexuality and autism, whether asexual individuals are represented within the LGBTQ+ community, as well as give tips on how to figure out your own sexuality identity.

Esme Jay, often known by their nickname, Pixie, is a British Asian autistic and disabled essayist who writes on their Instagram blog, Pixie’s Big Why. In addition to writing about neurodivergence, disability PTSD, mental health, and their raging passion for green tea and oatmeal, they also discuss their experiences as a non-binary person and what it means to be aromantic asexual.

Show Notes

What you will find in this episode:

  • What is asexuality?
  • Pixie’s journey and discovery of their gender identity
  • Misconception that all asexual individuals do not engage in sexual activity
  • Demi’s sexuality journey – bisexuality, pansexual/panerasure, queer
  • Misconceptions of the link between asexuality and autism
  • Sex isn’t a necessity for some/most individuals
  • Disabilities and sex/sexuality
  • Pixies homeschooling and sex education
  • The lack of representation for asexual disabled individuals in the LGBTQ+ communtiy – Pixie’s opinion
  • The cake analogy – don’t ‘yuck my yum’
  • Tips for those on their sexuality and gender journey

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