Chelsey Morgan


BDSM and the LGBTQ+ community

Trigger warning – mentions of kinks, BDSM

Welcome to the seventh S3XtheorywithDemi & Friends episode! In this episode, Demi is joined by Chelsey (they/them), to discuss BDSM as a queer individual, whitewashing of the community, gendered language and mass media representation of kink. Chelsey and Demi discuss navigating the BDSM community and scene as queer individuals and how to incorporate inclusive language into kinks and scenes.

Mx. Chelsey Morgan (pronouns: they / them) is a Queer, Afro-Latinx, sex educator, writer and media maker. They practice trauma-informed sex education with focuses on Mental Health Awareness, BDSM and Kink, LGBTQ+ populations, Non-monogamy and Media Literacy. They are currently pursuing work as an Intimacy Coordinator for Film and TV, providing comprehensive sexuality training to media professionals and content creators. To learn more about their work you can find them on instagram at MxCMorgan or their website at

Show Notes

What you will find in this episode:

  • The definition of BDSM and a brief history
  • How Demi and Chelsey found the world of BDSM
  • Tumblr aesthetics and incorrect practise – collars and rope
  • How to make your kink gender neutral – example, daddy, baby girl dynamic
  • Whitewashing of BDSM (brief)
  • Chelsey’s recommendation as of mass media representations
  • Advice on how to queerify your kink and how to be inclusive within a scene for beginners

Chelsey’s socials

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