Phil Hill


Gender reveal parties

Welcome to the ninth S3XtheorywithDemi & Friends episode! In this episode, Demi is joined by Phil Hill (they/them) to discuss the truth behind gender reveal parties and how they are in fact genitalia reveal parties. Phil and Demi discuss why gender reveal parties aren’t for everyone, how they exclude intersex infants and how they can push gender norms and stereotypes, ending with how you can reveal the sex of your baby in an inclusive way. You can also check out their post with on IG!

Phil Hill (they/them) is a trans blogger, vlogger & content creator specialising in gender and mental health.

Show Notes

What you will find in this episode:

  • A brief history of gender reveal parties
  • How people celebrate gender reveals
  • What they really are – genital reveals
  • Difference between gender and sex
  • How trans individual reclaim gender reveal parties
  • How Demi may raise their children
  • What the future of gender reveals will look like
  • Capitalism and gender reveal parities
  • No more gender?
  • Some ways to celebrate your infant without focusing on sex or gender

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