What is sex and relationship therapy?

Welcome to the third episode of season 2 of S3XtheorywithDemi & Friends! In this episode, I am joined by Bima (She/Her) to discuss what a sex and relationship therapist is, how you can get into the field, Bima’s queerness and its play in her work and some tips of the trade! Scroll for Bima’s bio and shownotes!

Meet Bima!

Hey, I’m Bima! I am a studying clinical sexologist and in roughly 6-9 months time I will be a fully qualified, COSRT registered sex and relationships therapist. Sex positivity and GSRD are my passions and I would love for everyone to know what I know and more! My Instagram page is only the beginning of my journey and is a sneak peak into wealth of knowledge that I have accumulated over my life and studies. Therapy is my passion and I cannot wait for my career to begin so I can help so many more people. Let’s remove the shame and stigma around sex and relationships, let’s embrace our diversity and let’s realise that we are not alone in our exploration.

Show Notes

What you will find in this episode:

  • What is a sex and relationship therapist?
  • How Bima get into the field
  • Bima’s focus on the ‘relationship’ part of therapy
  • Who should and can access sex and relationship therapy?
  • Bima’s own sexuality journey and it’s role in her work
  • Every therapist has a therapist
  • Bima head and therapist Bima head
  • Tips of the trade

Bima’s socials

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