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The People’s Paintbrush

Gender, fashion and why a mullet doesn’t equal enby

Welcome to the fourth episode of season 2 of S3XtheorywithDemi & Friends! In this episode, I am joined by The People’s Paintbrush (they/she) to discuss gender and fashion, our own experiences with gender and fashion as queer folk, drag culture and how to move away from the idea that clothing has gender! the Scroll for The People’s Paintbrush’s bio and shownotes!

Disclaimer: this episode has a lovely feature from Demi’s neighbours, say hi to them!

Meet The People’s Paintbrush!

Hey, I’m The People’s Paintbrush! I’m a self taught queer artist. A lot of my art is me expressing my opinions on LGBTQ+ issues but I also do some mental health awareness pieces & quotes as well as 70s style music & film posters. But expecting anything as I have no particular style & I’m always open to suggestions or ideas!

Show Notes

What you will find in this episode:

  • What is gendered fashion?
  • Toilet signs and gender roles
  • Our experiences of gender euphoria
  • Pronouns and identity
  • Corsets and ballet shoes
  • Zoot suits
  • Drag Race – nonbinary/drag kings
  • How to tackle gendered clothing/how to remove gender from clothing

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