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Gender dysphoria with a Queer Therapist

Welcome to the sixth episode of season 2 of S3XtheorywithDemi & Friends! In this episode, I am joined by Chris (they/them) @TheQueerTherapist to discuss dysphoria, from both personal experiences, to that of a queer sex educator and a queer therapist. Chris and I also provide tips of how to feel euphoria and how to tackle dysphoria. Scroll down for Chris’ bio and show-notes!

Meet Chris!

Chris is a non-binary accredited psychotherapist who runs The Queer Therapist, a UK based online accredtited therapy service dedicated to providing queer and gender affirming therapy for trans, gender non-conforming and non binary people. They also work as a lead primary care counsellor and psychotherapist for an Adult Clinical Psychology Department and Occupational Therapy Department in NHS Forth Valley. Chris is a member British Association for Counselling and Psychptherapy (MBACP Accred), a member of The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), the European Professional Association for Transgender Health (EPATH) and the Gendered Intelligence Network for Therapists and Counsellors. 

Show Notes

What you will find in this episode:

  • What us dysphoria?
  • Why has the definition of dysphoria changed?
  • Who can experience gender dysphoria?
  • Common ways dysphoria is triggered
  • Demi and Chris’ personal triggers
  • Whats the opposite of dysphoria?
  • How can you experience euphoria?
  • Ways to cope with dysphoria?
  • Chris’ top surgery

Chris’ socials

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