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Hey! If you haven’t put two and two together, my name is Demi (They/She) and I run S3x Theory with Demi! Scroll to learn more about me!

Hi! I’m Demi (they/she), I’m a London based queer, disabled content creator and educator and I’ve been creating RSHE educational content online for over a year. I have always been open about sex, being known as the ‘go-to’ person to talk to about anything taboo during my school years but I only began to have open conversations about sex, relationships and queerness via my position as a queer writer and the editor-in-chief of CUB Magazine, Queen Mary university’s of Londons home magazine and my radio show, Soft Limit. Then during the pandemic, I decided to take my love of sex education to Instagram and a year later, S3x Theory with Demi stands at 10K followers.

I’m also a freelance writer and have written for various blogs on queerness, language and my own experiences as a genderqueer person, including Brook, Va Va Womb, The Knude Society and various other outlets, both online and physical.

I am the host of a biweekly podcast, S3x Theory with Demi & Friends, in which I chat with different guests about anything and everything to do with queerness and sex.

As I mentioned, I am a genderqueer individual who is queer is all sense of the word, however, my coming out and coming to terms with my identity has not been an easy or smooth journey. It’s why I decided to shift my focus from generic sex educational content to LGBTQ+ focused content.

I currently run workshops, whether that be via an institute or self-led, in my free time and my goal is to make this my full-time job int he near future. I have led workshops for universities including GoldSmith and QMUL.

I also create content via Patreon, which is primarily based on the UK RSHE curriculum with a LGBTQ+ focus but it also includes book reviews, behind-the-scenes, early access to workshops and more. My patrons also have a chance of winning, Patron of the Month, which involves receiving a goodie bag full of queer small-business trinkets as a thank you for the support.

My favourite thing is engaging with my community, feeling as if I am finally part of the LGBTQ+ community after years of erasure. I have met so many amazing close friends, had so many amazing opportunities handed to me, had some heart-to-hearts with many queers and I am proud of my work, my page and I cannot wait to see where this takes me.

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