My Patreon is where you can find exclusive RSHE content, with a LGBTQ+ Focus, which is based on the UK curriculum. You’ll also find book reviews, sex toy reviews, Demi’s recommendations of the month, behind-the-scenes and more.


I have tried my best to make my Patreon as inclusive and accessible to as many people as possible, which is why I have four tiers of varying prices.

Tier 1 – S3x Theory Newbies £2 per month

Tier 2 – S3x Theory Fans £3 per month

Tier 3 – S3x Theory Lovers £5 per month

Tier 4 – S3x Theory Elites £8.50 per month


RSHE resource packs will be available soon to order from both my Patreon and an external website.

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