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I cover a wide range of issues that affect us all. These have been sensitively designed to fit in with new UK government guidelines for compulsory teaching of Relationship Education in primary schools and Relationship and Sex Education (RSHE) in secondary schools, as well as to cater to booster lessons for those in further education and beyond. I also provide specific LGBTQ+ focused workshops which home in on gender, identity, sexuality and everything under the rainbow umbrella.

There is no age limit to these workshops, all are welcome to learn!

I have previously delivered workshops for OHNEQMULGoldsmith and the list continues.

I also provide one-off workshops which you can buy tickets for via Event brite. For priority access to tickets at a discounted price, subscribe to S3x Theory with Demi on patron.

S3x Theory with Demi Patreon

You can choose from an extensive list of RSHE curriculum workshops

These workshops are all approved by the National Curriculum and compulsory within education.

Self Esteem and Identity

Workshops under the self esteem and identity umbrella include; self-worth, mental well-being, resilience, assertiveness, coping strategies, expression and feelings, LGBTQ+, sexual orientation and gender expression.


Workshops under the biology umbrella include; puberty, physical and emotional changes at adolescence, physical well-being, periods, how a baby is conceived and born, how to stay safe during sex, STI’s, HIV/AIDS and abortions.


Workshops under the relationship umbrella include; platonic, familial and romantic relationships, intimacy, healthy and unhealthy relationships, what makes a good partner, consent, LGBQT+ relationships and identities, how to use a condom, contraception and conception and internet dating.

Technology and staying safe online

Workshops under the technology and staying safe online umbrella include; media distortion of relationships and individuals, sexting, online dating, hashtags, sending sexual images and porn.

You can also request Personalised Workshops

Workshops are not limited to standardised RSHE curriculum, I also offer workshops on the topics below and encourage individuals, student unions or companies to ask for catered content suitable for their clients or students.

Non-RSHE curriculum topics

Workshops include; gender studies and identity, violence against women and girls, sexuality, rape statics, hate crimes, female genital mutilation (FGM), LGBQT+ history

Personalised workshops

For personalised workshops, catered to your clients, staff or students, email me to begin a conversation on how we can bring your idea to the virtual classroom! I also am available for panel discussions, either solo or with other guests, talks and QnA's.

Disclaimer- If I see fit, I may reject your idea if it doesn’t align with my moral ground or is inappropriate.

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S3x Theory with Demi Patreon

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